Family Emergency

I just wanted to take a second to let you all know why I haven’t been posting today. My youngest son, bronson is in the hospital because his breathing got very bad. He is getting breathing treatments and steroids and it works for a little bit but then his breathing is back to how it was before the treatments. I know that the giveaway ends tonight and with the expiration dates on the coupons being so soon I am going to try not to postpone mailing them out. If there are spelling errors I appologize. I am posting from my blackberry and I can not see the text that I am typing.I already checked to see if works on my phone and it does. I may not publicly announce the winners until everything has settled down and we get bronson better buti will email the winners late tonight for your info so that I can get these out to you. Thank you so much for your participation and again I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please keep my little guy in your prayers!

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2 Responses to Family Emergency

  1. karr says:

    Do not even worry one bit about the coupons, give aways or anything. Just worry about your son. You are so awesome to do this for us anyway, let alone when you are sick your family is sick. If it wasn’t for you and Ann and other blogger, I wouldn’t be able to save a dime. Working full time, husband on kidney and pancreas transplant list -you are helping me make ends meet.

    Praying for you all. K

  2. Jessica says:

    I hope lil man gets better…keep me updated on him!

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