What Can I Get for Free With Sunday’s Coupons? 7/18

Every week I will be listing what coupons from that past Sunday’s paper will make for FREE ( possible tax) products.  This will not include the items that are free AFTER store money or gift cards ( those will be in separate deal write-up posts for the corresponding store).  There are no scenarios that have to be done or anything. 

** Different regions get different denominations and coupons so if you did not get these coupons  I suggest ordering from a clipping service or trading.

7/18 SmartSource

$1/1 ANY St. Ives Body Wash – This can be used at Target ( possibly other stores) to get a FREE travel size St. Ives Bodywash that is $0.97 (coupon does not exclude trial/travel size)!   These are pretty decent size and are reat for gift baskets or donations to shelters!

FREE any flavor 12oz. Smoothie or Frappe at McDonalds.  This was found in the Parade magazine ( or whatever your regions is titled) that is included in the Sunday Paper.  Hubby is addicted to the Srawberry Banana Smoothies.

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