My Daily List *Update*

I have decided to postpone “My Daily List” posts until next week Sunday.  It has been tough trying to finish them with everyone being sick.  My list will basically be the same for the next week…

  • Take care of the family and get rid of this “sickness”
  • Try and get some of this house in order….it is a disaster!
  • Get some shopping done!  I think I may perk right up if I do 😉 

 Incase you have been following these posts I should let you know that I am still sick and did not leave the house today as I predicted.  Bronson was actually up most of the night fighting sleep and trying to fight his terrible cough.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch with him again for a little bit.  When hubby got up I went to bed and slept until 4:40 PM!!!  I do feel a lot better than I did and don’t seem to have a fever but my throat and head are killing me.  Boo hoo….I know 🙂

I hope that you are all happy and healthy and have a wonderful week!

*  I will still be posting all deals, freebies, match-ups etc.*

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