Did I Finish “My Daily List” 7/17 ?

Here was “My Daily List” for 7/17

  • Clean Bathroom
  • Shop @ Rite Aid ( Neutrogena)
  • Shop @ CVS to get in some last minute deals
  • Shop Tops ( free soap)
  • Come up with CVS/Rebate scenario 
  • Get coupons and plans ready for Sunday shopping
  • Clean kitchen
  • Post Tops deal write-ups ( if the flyer is in my mailbox)
  • Post Coupon Giveaway
  • Notes :  Alrighty here goes….. I did absolutely NOTHING today.  I didn’t even cook dinner.  Hubby ran to Chipotle for us.  Guess who is sick now?!?  I am not feeling too great right now.  Brendon sounds SO much better but Bronson is still struggling.  My poor little guy is having trouble eating now too.  A doctor visit may be happening again soon but this time for Bronson.  He is so miserable. 

    So you know all that shopping that I said I was going to do?…I didn’t step foot out of the door.  I was/am so upset that I missed out on a ton of money makers and some stuff that I REALLY wanted.  I had hubby look around at a couple stores for me for some things but they were sold out and he was not pleased when I asked that he check a 3rd store ( he did anyway).  I had $40 ( I swear I had another $10 somewhere)   in +UP rewards that needed to be used by today so I thought long and hard and ended up handing them over to Hubby and told him to get something useful.  I had all these plans and deals that I was going to get with them but I had to suck it up and trust that Hubby wouldn’t let my hard earned +UP rewards go to waste 🙂  I will have a picture and the details of his trip posted tomorrow. 

    So I am back to $0 in +UP rewards and it is a GREAT week of deals at Rite Aid starting tomorrow ( Sunday).  I doubt that I will make it out of the house since I feel like a truck ran over me and I would rather Bronson didn’t leave the house either.  But maybe Monday?  All I know is I am NOT going to miss out on the deals this upcoming week 🙂

    So how did your day go?  Did you get everything done that you had planned?

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    2 Responses to Did I Finish “My Daily List” 7/17 ?

    1. wendy says:

      Sorry you are feeling cruddy. Not fun. You’ve have been doing an awesome job getting this blog going. Once you feel better you will be able to pull off the deals quickly!

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