Did I Finish “My Daily List” 7/16 ?

Here was “My Daily List” for 7/16

  • Mail out coupon trades/trains
  • Visit my Mother
  • Do laundry
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Shop @ Rite Aid ( Neutrogena)
  • Shop @ CVS (take advantage of some useful CRT’s)
  • Shop Tops ( free soap)
  • Post CVS deal write-ups for 7/18
  • Post Rite Aid deal write-ups for 7/18
  • Post Walgreens deal write-ups for 7/18
  • Come up with CVS/Rebate scenario for reader, Emily :)
  • Start post for new giveaway

Notes :  I had a pretty good day today although I hardly got anything done on my list.  Bronson ( 9 months) hardly slept and was BURNING UP.  The poor thing wanted to sleep so bad but couldn’t.  I ended up letting him sleep on me ( which freaked me out) and after about a half an hour I had to put him back down.  We were both sweating like crazy even though the AC is on.  As soon as Hubby woke up he took over ” Bronson Duty” and I went to bed.  Because of my sleeping in ( if you can call it that) we got a late start to the day.

I ran into CVS on our way to my Mom’s house.  She asked me to pick up cat litter so I just made it a really quick trip.  Hopefully I will get all of the shopping I wanted for this week done tomorrow ( last day of sales).  I didn’t take a pic of my trip but here is what I did….

(2) John Frieda Root Awakening 2/$10

Cat Litter $5.99

Powerade ( for hubby to take when he played basketball) $0.88

Tax: $0.99

Total : $17.86

Used $3/$15 CVS coupon

(2) $3 John Frieda

$1 ECB

$1.50 ECB

Total – $6.36 ( Mom paid me $5.99 so MY total was $0.37) Got back $5 ECB for the John Frieda

We are over at my Mom’s still waiting on Hubby to get back from his game and movie.  Since I slept in so late I didn’t have time to clean the bathroom today ( ugh!).  I have my deal write-ups written and waiting to be posted for Walgreens and Rite Aid.  I am not sure what is going on but when I copy my write-ups from word to my blog it comes out all weird and is VERY hard to follow.  I hope that I am able to fix it at home.  I have a coupon giveaway planned but haven’t had time to write that post up yet or come up with a scenario at CVS for the new Olay, Venus etc. rebate.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive!

So how did your day go?  Did you get everything done that you had planned?

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