Hubby’s CVS Trip 7/15

As I mentioned in “My Daily List”, I had $8.00 in ECB expiring at CVS.  Both of the babies are still sick and I am wore out so I sent hubby off to CVS to use up the ECBs.  I kept it simple so that he wouldn’t get irritated 😉  Here was his trip….

(2) Nursery Waters ($1 ea) $2.00

(2) John Frieda Root Awakening Conditioner ($5 ea) $10

(4) Arizona Iced Teas (Bogo free .99ea) $1.98

Tax : $1.05

Total : $15.03

Used (2) $3.00 John Frieda manu’s and my $8.00 ECB

Total =  -$0.02 subtotal

Hubby Paid $1.03 and got back a $5.00 ECB

Did you do any shopping recently? I would love to hear about any shopping trips or deals in the comments section!

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