Did I Finish “My Daily List” 7/15 ?

Here was “My Daily List” for 7/15

  • Mail out coupon trades/trains
  • Have Bible study
  • Clean living room
  • Make a trip to CVS – $8.00 in ECB expire after today!
  • Check expiration dates in fridge and make meal plan for thurs 7/15 – wed 7/21
  • Post Sunday Coupon Preview to blog

As you can see I accomplished everything that I wanted to except My Bible Study.  I am planning on having one next Thursday.  Well I guess I technically did not get my CVS shopping done either but it counts if hubby did it right?  The boys are both still sick.  Brendon ( age 2) went to the doctors today because we were worried that he was having trouble breathing ( it sounds that way) but the doctor assured us that he would be fine.  Bronson ( 9 months) was pretty warm when I layed him down so I will be checking on him throughout the night.  He still doesn’t sleep through the night any way. 

So how did your day go?  Did you get everything done that you had planned?

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