OT – What To Do When Life Overwhelms You?

I tend to get overwhelmed easily which is why I am a HUGE fan of lists!  My problem is that I rarely finish my lists.  Maybe if I admit that to you than I will be sure to stick to my plans a little better. 

Lately ( like the past 2 years…YIKES!) I have just felt like I am not able to get what needs to be done, done.  I of course try to rationalize it by saying that a lot of life changing events have happened in the past couple of years .  I am a wife and also a mother to two boys ages 9 months and 2 years so I really need to get my act together! 

There are SO many things that I want to change/fix so I am planning on writing a list every day and posting it to this site.  I will then let you know if I was able to finish everything on my “list” for that day . 

 I am not sure if you would like to join me but I would love to see what you plan for the day and how it all works out in the end!  Feel free to post a comment on any of the “My Daily List” posts.  I promise that the “My Daily List” posts will include different shopping trips that I may need to do and/or coupon organization related tasks to keep the posts relevant to this blog. 

So what do YOU do when life overwhelms you?  Any suggestions?

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25 Responses to OT – What To Do When Life Overwhelms You?

  1. Jenine says:

    My life is always overwhelming. I haven’t figured out the cure but I, like you, make lists. often they are not finished but it helps me remember what needs to be done. I have a bad habit of thinking of things when I can’t write them down. For example, while i’m in bed or while i’m in the car. So i use the memo pad on my phone. That helps some times. I have tried so many possibilities, but like you I am a mother of two young children (20 months and almost 3) so life is hectic! I’m a single mother, a full time college student, I work, I babysit, and I’m a coupon addict ;-). My key to success is not thinking about everything at once (oh and Red Bull LOL). When I look at all the stuff in my life that needs to be done, I panic and get overwhelmed. Then I get nothing done! So I try to focus on one day at a time. Sure, I miss things, forget to do things, my house isn’t perfect, my car is a mess and my dog needs a bath, but guess what?? My kids are very well taken care of, I maintain an A average in school and I’m excelling in my new job! My true secret is prayer. I often catch myself stepping back and asking God for strength and patients; two things any mother, especially a single mother, can never have enough of 🙂 I figure as long as I put my kids first, in front of all my other obligations, I will NEVER have any regrets!

    PS. The pic made me laugh. I’m a breastfeeding advocate 🙂 Love it lol

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